ESCAV, Granada’s Audiovisual Communication School, offers further education programmes for all those interested in building a career in the audiovisual sector. ESCAV is a private professional training school, with programmes authorized by the Regional Government of Andalusia Junta de Andalucía and validated by the Spanish Education Ministry.


Professionally active teachers and technicians

Our teaching staff is made up of professionally active professionals in the audiovisual and communication sectors: sound technicians, musicians, publicists, designers, 3D animators, film directors, producers, photographers, communication specialists and journalists. This ensures you receive high level training to prepare you for the challenges you will face in your professional career.

Small groups

ESCAV’s teaching method looks to the professional profiles that are prominent in the Spanish, European, Canadian and Northamerican audiovisual industries. This is why we provide students with the opportunity complement their official diploma with language classes and workshops for a wide array of skills like scriptwriting, lighting, sound mixing, website development, makeup or characterization. From the very beginning, students are encouraged to participate in exciting projects like concert recordings, theatre productions, video clips, short films, album mastering in studios or sound recording for concerts.

Work placements

Our method is highly practical, teaching in small groups and using equipment for hands-on learning. ESCAV also has the support of ESCO, a business, marketing and communication school that lends our school learning resources, contacts, and the expertise of top professionals and university professors. Together, ESCO and ESCAV are leaders in education and training in the fields of communication, image and sound:

Escav Community

The ESCAV Community is made up of former and current students, teachers and staff of ESCAV in general that work everyday in this building. This Community wants to support its members in all personal and professional aspects, from moving city or country and not knowing where to start, to creating connexions between professionals and the sector to set up a creative project.

Advanced technical studies
Escuela Superior de Comunicación y Marketing de Granada ESCO