At ESCAV’s Registry we can help you work out your enrolment process and address any queries you may have on administrative matters. You may sometime need information on certain subjects, modules, intensive courses or any other service offered by the school. Additionally, if you’re not from Granada, you might need information about public transport, accommodations and general practical advice about this city.

ESCAV students are welcome to the Registry Office to find support on these matters and many more.


+ Enrolment
Enrolment deadlines:
-For first year students: until all places are filled.
-For second year students: 15 th -30 th June, extension 1 st -15 th July.
-For masterclasses and intensive courses: until all places are filled, pertinent information will be announced.
+ Certificates
+ Diploma application
+ Grants from the Spanish Ministry and the Regional Government of Andalusia
+ ESCAV Grant and ESCAV Community Friend Grant
+ Information on admissions test
+ Credit transfer between further education programmes and higher education programmes
+ Information on prices
+ Company work placements
+ Collaboration agreements
+ Academic records transfer